Copico is a POS/Masternode coin which is privacy focused crypto currency with lightening fast secured transactions. Our platform aimed at acquiring, adopting and accomplishing discontinued altcoins to create a healthy ecosystem….

Since the inception of Bitcoin the course of the crypto currency market has really been taken off. Subsequently numerous other crypto currencies have been created which we often called as altcoins. The user adoption has also elevated substantially, making it a lucrative market for many. This attractiveness magnetized many enthusiasts and geeks to come up with new and interesting projects.

We can notice many altcoins being launched with great roadmaps, envisaged by their developers.

However, many of them are discontinued for various reasons. Almost in every case, it is not the developers who lost, but the investors who trusted and invested their money.

In a recent interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Monero developer, Riccardo Spagni expanded on his views related to altcoins in general.

“The majority are outright scams. There are no mincing words with this, and I think it's absolutely disgusting. From obvious premined or instamined scams, to the more subtle mining scams that attempt to hide the premine from block explorers, there are a lot of scams meant to out rightly enrich the creators.

“Identifying scams is made doubly difficult because of the existence of professional, highly motivated groups that are behind them, who often co-opt innocent developers who think they're genuinely building something unique.”

If this scenario continues, it is going to severely hamper the attractiveness of the market and user adoption towards crypto currency.

But what should be done?

CopiCo has come up with an answer for this question. We intend to revive the sidelined altcoins by adapting their ideas and accomplish their road maps to lift off its value.

We do this...

To make the crypto market clean and attractive

To increase the value of discontinued altcoins

To make the initial investors of relinquished altcoins happy and profitable

To build trust and attract more traffic towards crypto market

To create a healthy environment

Master Nodes

We are creating a mobile application which can offer the users, comprehensive picture of all the altcoins trading at exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex.

Copico is a masternode coin. A Masternode is a server that performs service functions on a blockchain; such as instant send, coin mixing to support privacy, and aids in stabilizing the network. In return, masternodes are paid rewards, dividends in the form of Copico coin on a periodic basis, for providing important services.

Anyone can run a Masternode and the objective is to have enough online to provide a true level of decentralization, which doesn’t favor a country, a geography, company, or person; assuming the network a network is built to support at a global scale.

Masternodes are created when 50000 Copico coins (xcpo) are sent to the server’s wallet, a form of Proof of Stake – where Masternodes are considered long-term holders, and thus they receive voting rights on the proposals in the network.

The masternode step-up process does consist of many steps, however, the benefit for properly setting the network is worth the financial and community rewards. YOU, become a real integral part of the community, where each one of up provides importance. Masternodes are paid 50% of that block’s reward; blocks

Masternodes are paid 50% of that block’s reward; blocks are paid out frequently.

Our Team

VSK Chaitanya

CEO & Founder




Blockchain Developer